Mooi {mo:i} – defined in Dutch as

Our Founder

Hasny Amirsyah

“Flower enthusiast, who just happens to be a designer”

My passion for flowers started at childhood but it was only 16 years ago that I decided to dive into the flower world as a professional designer. It all began with my training in the Ikebana school of floral design and its art form was the foundation for most of my designs in earlier years. As seasons change, I am glad to say that I have blossomed and expanded my knowledge on the varying art forms of flower arrangements.

My inspiration comes from the natural beauty of our surroundings and have always placed emphasis on utilizing locally sourced scented flowers as the showcase of my designs, while understanding the importance of texture and foliage, which tends to be overlooked in the mass-market. Today, I wish to share with you not only my experiences but also my passion for flowers.